The Philly 10k

9 May

Registration for the Philly 10k opened this morning. This is the third time that the good people at Philadelphia Runner have put on this race, and it will be my third year participating. As soon as I saw the announcement that registration would open at 10:00 A.M. today I made myself a calendar reminder (right next to my 10:00 A.M. pumping reminder!) so that I wouldn’t forget. Forgetting things is my new MO, and I didn’t want to miss this one.

The Philly 10k was the last race I ran while I was pregnant, so I’m really excited that it will be the first race I run post-Bean. I registered for the race last year when I was only a few weeks pregnant, things were off to a good start and it didn’t occur to me at the time that I wouldn’t run through my entire pregnancy. Then four or so weeks later I started bleeding and was put on “pelvic rest.” For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term that means no exercising and nothing can be put in your vagina (I’ll let you all extrapolate from there). So I was sidelined at 12 weeks and wasn’t sure I’d be able to workout again, let alone race, for the rest of my pregnancy. Thankfully, for more reasons than just the 10k, the subchorionic hemorrhage resolved itself by 20 weeks and I was cleared to start exercising again. When I ran The Philly 10k I was 24 weeks pregnant, which means I had 4 weeks to get ready from when I was cleared to start working out again and race day. Let’s face it, I was never in it to win it, so I decided to just take it slow, see how I felt at every turn, and use a very structured run/walk regimen so I wouldn’t be tempted to go out too hard. I got my training runs in and felt confident that I could finish the 10k – perhaps not fast, but I knew I could finish it. 

Race day arrived and I had a blast. It was such a stark contrast to the year before. My first (well, everyone’s first) Philly 10k kind of sucked. It was hot, the sun was relentless, and there were more than a few times that I almost said “Eff. it” and dropped out. But my second go, with Bean as my copilot, it was a breeze. Sure I ran a full minute per mile slower than I did the first year, but I enjoyed every minute. I ran through my neighborhood (and strongly considered stopping at my house to pee!), and I ran into (ha! “ran” into) a friend from social work school and her husband. I felt like our whole city was cheering me on and wanted me to succeed as I jogged along the course. My husband and my cousin were also really excited I ran the race because it meant they got to split my beer at the finish line, and let’s face it, extra beer is always a good thing.    

I can’t wait to experience it again this year, knowing the cutest cheerleader on the planet (I’m not biased or anything) will be at the finish rooting me on. 


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