Running After Having a Baby

6 May

My pace is slower. Everything feels different.   Because everything is different. My rebound is taking longer, because I have less time to get out the door and run. Instead of running a few times a week, I’ve been pleased to get one run in per week.

But I found one sure fire way to increase your pace as a new mother: have whoever is with your baby give you a call when you’re almost done your run and tell you that your baby has been crying inconsolably since you left. Bonus points if you can hear the baby crying in the background, because there is nothing quite like the sound of your baby crying to kick that adrenaline up a notch and take you into the next gear!

This is what happened on Sunday. Our normally “super chill” baby was just not about it. She wasn’t okay with what was happening in her little world, her eczema had definitely flared up, her reflux was likely bothering her, maybe she had gas, and maybe she was concerned that Trump was likely to get the Republican nomination, or maybe she didn’t like the onesie we picked out, but whatever the issue actually was, one thing was clear: my girl was. not. happy. And she needed us to know about it.

Alex did his best to hold it down, but there comes a time with all small babies when reinforcements must be summoned – so he did the only logical thing he could do, he called mommy for a status report. And I heard that baby cry, I said “I’ll be right there” and I hung up. I sprinted. I sprinted the last 6 blocks of the run, and all I could think was “I have to get to my baby.”

If you are also a new mom, or have ever been a new mom, you can probably guess what happened next… If you guessed “the sudden change in level of exertion further weakened your already weak pelvic floor muscles and you peed your pants?” You are CORRECT! And if you followed that guess with “and once you started to pee your pants, you really couldn’t seem to stop?” You are double right. That’s right team – I finished my run Sunday night, my 3-mile-this-is-all-I-have-time-for-and-apparently-I-didn’t-even-have-time-for-that run covered in urine.

In the immortal words of Huey Lewis: I’m doing it all for my baby.



One Response to “Running After Having a Baby”

  1. Super Starling! May 6, 2016 at 10:20 pm #

    I cannot deal with how refreshing your honesty is. You are my hero. You are the spirit animal I would follow into the desert any time.

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