The Blog is Back

3 Mar

So it’s been awhile. I just took a look at the blog it seems that I only wrote 3 blog posts in 2014. That’s sad! Especially given the fact that I “vowed” to write more in 2014 in my first post in January… whoops! So the bad news is that the blogging lapsed, the good news is that the running didn’t.

I’m sorry that I didn’t chronicle my running journey in 2014 because it was my best running year to date. I ran with more consistency in 2014 than ever before. I trained for my first marathon. I ran in six races, and though I didn’t PR in any of them, I completed four half marathons, one 10k, and one 5k. I traveled to a race for the first time and ran a half marathon with one of my best friends in D.C. I ran a half marathon in Philadelphia with my cousin who I inspired to start running. I logged hundreds of miles (I can’t give you an exact number, I’m bad at keeping track) all over Philadelphia, even eschewing the streets and hitting the trails.

But for all of the good, 2014 wasn’t without its setbacks. During the Nike Women’s Half in D.C. I aggravated my IT had to walk the last mile. I was sidelined for 4 weeks while I went to physical therapy, which meant I had to miss the Broad Street Run (again). IT band injuries are no joke, while they don’t cause lasting permanent damage or need surgery, they do feel kind of like someone has shoved a screwdriver under your kneecap every time you take a step. Fun!

Did you notice above that I said I trained for my first marathon? Did you also note that it was not listed among the 6 races that I finished? Yeah…about that. I started out 2014 calling it “The Year of the Marathon,” and instead it turned out to be “The Year I Trained for 20 Weeks to Run a Marathon and Then Fell on My Face Three Days Before the Race.” I’ll write out a full post with all of the gory details, but to wrap it up here, the marathon still looms off in the distance, unachieved, unsavored.

Weather aside 2015 is off to a good start, with some big goals. I’m going to do my best, I’m not going to vow this time, to fill you in on the higher (and lower) points of 2014, and keep you up to date on what 2015 has in store. So stay tuned.

I couldn’t write the title of this post without conjuring up the lyrics to this song in my head. So get your Tuesday started with some Elton!


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