National Running Day

4 Jun

I logged on to Twitter this morning and noticed a trend immediately… It’s National Running Day! I had no idea. But I am excited!

Apparently, other folks are excited to, so excited that there is an entire website about National Running Day, check this out:

The website even has an app that lets you ‘Make your own badge’ to describe why you run. I was going to make one to put on here, and then I realized that I’m not really sure why I run. At least not in a clearly definable, fits on a badge sort of way.

I joke that I run for bacon and beer, because after most half marathons I go to the pub and eat brunch and drink beer.

I run because I want my pants to fit.

I wrote the other day about how I run because it is freeing and offers clarity.

I run because I feel better when I do, and I feel worse when I don’t.

It’s for the goals, and for the successes.

I run because it’s become part of who I am.

So tonight I’m going to go for a run (my PT says I can!) and celebrate National Running Day!

What would you put on one of these?

I RUN...


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