Follow-up Friday

27 Sep

Yesterday a friend called me out on the picture I used as the “before” picture in yesterday’s post because a picked a miserable photo to showcase how I looked at my heaviest. She’s absolutely right, I did pick a terrible photo, but I did it without much thought. Don’t get me wrong, I intentionally picked a bad photo. I looked through the photos on my computer from that time and when I saw the picture of me with bad posture, a sullen face, and the prominently displayed outline of my belly button in a too-tight shirt, I went BINGO! I set out to pick a terrible picture, but I did it without thinking about it, it was just “the thing to do.” So when she called me out I started to wonder why I thought it was “the thing to do.”

I’m sure part of it was that I’ve seen others do it, so I mimicked the trend. It was also for impact, it’s a lot easier to say that you look great now if you can show that you DIDN’T look great before. But taking a step back it also just seems wrong.  But there’s more to it than that, I’ll admit. When my friend suggested I find a photo that at least showcased my beautiful smile, and implied I should have found a better picture, I laughed on the inside and thought “come on, there are no better pictures.” I don’t believe that fat people are unattractive, but it seems that I believe that me as a fat person was unattractive. Once I started thinking about it, I realized that even I, someone who has been overweight (more often than not quite honestly) buys into the “thin is beautiful” mindset. Unhealthy body image has become such a part of our society, and our brains, that we make little choices (like what picture to use) without understanding the motivations behind it.

So here is another “before” photo, one that shows that I was not unattractive in 2007.  And an “after” picture, because my friend likes to compare bone structure.






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