On to the Next One

25 Sep

I totally just realized that I haven’t filled you all in on my next goal.  I’ve eluded to it several times, but I haven’t actually made the announcement. At least not here, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook (which you should) you probably do know. But anyway, now that I’ve built up your anticipation…. I’m doing the Philadelphia Marathon’s Half Marathon in November!

Are you excited?  I am!

After things deteriorated with my Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon training I made up for the disappointment by setting a new goal.  A lot of the advice I got about the training, and the injury, and more importantly the upset around the training and the injury, centered around the fact that the September race was not my last race, and didn’t have to be.  So I made sure it wasn’t!

I am super thrilled about this race for the following reasons:

  1. The race course is completely different than the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half and you get to see significantly more of my gorgeous city.
  2. It will be much, much cooler out.  The September race took place on a cooler day than the bulk of my training runs, but when the sun blares down on you and the sea of asphalt around you, it gets hot.
  3. This is the first half marathon I’ll be running solo. I love you Dad and Alex, but this one is mine!
  4. I finally feel like I have built up a “base” and from that base I can actually improve in this round of training.
  5. I vow here and now that I am going to follow WebMD’s advice and “avoid falling” because I am not derailing again.

Not included on that list, but still important to note, it’s also the Philadelphia Marathon’s 20th Anniversary, so that feels like it makes it extra special.

I took last week really easy, I did a three miler on Wednesday and a really slow five miler on Friday, and then went for a long walk on Sunday. I wanted to give my legs/body a chance to recover before heading back into a training plan.  I devised an eight-week training plan that starts this week, and did my first 4-mile training run last night. It went so well, which was amazing because I had been dreading it.  After kind of icky runs last week post-half, and then the take-it-easy-before-the-race week pre-half, and the weeks of half-hearted training because of the injury, I was beginning to wonder if I even still liked running.  I was starting to fall into the old cyclical thinking where I assume a run would suck, so I won’t want to go,  and then if I don’t go I felt guilty and then become certain that because I skipped that run I will obviously have lost all of my base and endurance and shouldn’t even bother.  I swear running is so much more mental than it is physical.  But I made myself go last night, and it was a fantastic run.

My spirit feels renewed. I remember that I do love this.  And I. Am. So. Excited. for the opportunity to run Philadelphia again!



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