The Streets of Philadelphia… Are Uneven

22 Sep

As we all know I’ve fallen twice in the last few months while out running. Falling in general as a healthy adult is disconcerting enough as it is, but when your fall causes an injury that sidelines you for a week and a half, you kind of want to get to the bottom of it. So after wracking my brain for a possible cause for my calamities one thing that came to mind is my vision. Well, my vision, and the fact that Philadelphia has some uneven infrastructure. But, that uneven infrastructure wouldn’t be so bad if I could see it.

I have been wearing glasses fulltime since 2006. Before 2006 I didn’t wear glasses at all, my vision was always perfectly fine, even though I desperately wanted to glasses. Then I noticed things weren’t as crisp as they once were, so I went off to the optometrist who prescribed me my first pair of glasses. I’ve been rocking glasses ever since, and over the past 7 years my eyes have gotten progressively worse. Don’t get me wrong, I can see. If I don’t have my glasses on things are kind of fuzzy, but if I hold things a little closer to my face I can read them, and I can recognize people I know on the street. I just can’t see well, especially as it starts to get dark out.

I don’t run with my glasses on. My face gets sweaty, the slide around, it annoys me, I can’t wipe my eyes because they’re in the way. Like I often say when there are many components to an issue, “it’s a whole thing.” So in general, I leave my glasses at home and hit the road. I’m beginning to think that my vision is no longer good enough to sustain this practice. Especially now that it’s getting darker earlier in the evening, and staying darker longer in te morning. My first fall was at dusk, as it was getting dark out. My second fall happened right as I was going under some scaffolding. AKA into a shadow. So I’m thinking there is something to this theory.

I always wanted glasses. I have no explanation for this, most folks with glasses want to get rid of them. I remember learning as a small child that uncorrected poor vision can cause headaches. So I complained of headaches until they took me to the eye doctor. Who confirmed that there were no issues with my eyes. Small child fail. Alas, or yay as the case may be, as old age (read: early twenties) set in, it was time to get some specs. Because I’ve always wanted glasses, I’ve never wanted contacts. I’m not afraid of them, or squeamish about touching my eyes, I just like how I look in glasses. Especially after seven years of glasses wearing, they’ve become part of my persona.

The time has come to make a decision as it pertains to my running vision. I’m either going to need to get one of those ultra cool straps that hold your glasses on your face (and make you look like a middle-aged squash player) or I may need to get fitted for some contacts. To wear only while I work out. Suggestions?

Isn’t this sexy?



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