Running Away

28 Aug

Alex and I travel a lot. It’s kind of our thing. Alex has gotten really good at finding points deals and coming up with the best ways to redeem them, so not only do we travel a lot, we often travel for free. People are often impressed by this so we’re pretty well known for our points-savvy-travel, in fact I’ve had someone in another department at work who I’ve met maybe a handful of times bring up in conversation “so I heard you went to Aruba for free…” Once people hear that you’ve found a way to travel for free (or well, get anything for free) they often want to know how they can do it too. Well, I don’t really have that answer, but what I can talk about is running while on vacation.

When we first started traveling, a vacation was a sacred entity to me. It was a time to eat unhealthy but delicious food, and read books that haven’t been assigned to you on a syllabus; to ignore things like email, and laundry, and dishes. Basically, vacation was a time to throw all responsible behaviors to the wind. I couldn’t be expected to be responsible, I was on vacation! I was taking a break from responsibility, and of course that also included taking a break from exercise. While I truly enjoy working out now and think of it as a chore less and less frequently, back then it was up there with unloading the dishwasher. So you can bet your bottom dollar that you wouldn’t find running shoes, tech shirts, spandex shorts, or an iPod armband in my bag.

Suddenly that changed. When Alex and I went to Rome in 2011 (mostly for free) we decided that it would be neat to run in a foreign city. Somewhere new, fresh, and international. So the picture on the banner of my blog is me running along the banks of the Tiber river. I picked this picture because I kind of felt like choosing to run during my “rest from responsibility” was a sure sign that I had transformed into a “real runner” (and because I like the scenery and my lime green shirt). Since then we’ve also run in Aruba and in Boston. We had intended to run in Curacao, but I ended up feeling under the weather for the bulk of our trip.

We’ll be in Turks and Caicos for a spell (I can’t tell you when, because according to all of the email chains I’ve received from concerned family members, if I post when I’ll be out of town on the internet one of you will figure out where I live and break into my house, or something. I’ll save you the trouble, we don’t have nice things.), and since I am still hopeful to meet my half marathon goal, we will need to get some training runs in while we’re there. So as Alex and I prepare for our next trip, I’ve started to research our running options. Our hotel has a gym, so we can treadmill it if necessary. There is also the option of beach running, which I’ve never really done. Finally, our hotel is on a main road that is not highly trafficked nor is it too secluded.

While doing my running recon I learned that the Google Maps Pedometer website that I use has the same functionality on the map of Providenciales as it does for Philadelphia. I suppose that shouldn’t be that surprising, the site is fueled by Google, but it is a small island that not a lot of people have heard of, so I was impressed. I’ve mapped out a route that will work for a longer run. The route also ensures that we’ll never be more than 2 miles from our hotel at any given time, so if something happens with my ankle I’ll be able to stop and just walk back.

I have my running packing list going in addition to my regular packing list. I’m planning to bring an older pair of sneakers so we can go beach running and not be concerned about our new $100 pairs of running shoes getting sandy/salty/just-plain-wet. The rest of the gear will be my usual running duds.

I’m so excited to run in one of our favorite places! Where is the coolest place you’ve run?



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