Sound Medical Advice

23 Aug

Last week when I was panicked that my ankle might be broken and not just sprained, because you know, I’m: a.) a hypochondriac, and b.) a runner, who likes to, you know, run, and having a broken ankle kind of impedes that. So I did what all red-blooded, 21st-Centruy Americans do. I took to the internet!

After Googling “broken vs. sprained ankle” I was taken to an article on WebMD called “Ankle Injusries, Sprains, Strains, and Fractures: Causes and Treatments.” It seemed as good a place as any to start. I got through the first 3 pages which described different symptoms and treatments, and then I got to the last page, which had this little beauty:

Thanks Captain Obvious...

Thanks Captain Obvious…

Apparently, this wouldn’t have happened if I had “tried to avoid falling.” Who knew! I mean, obvs I pitched myself onto the ground on purpose.  I really need to stop doing that I guess. Well, thanks, but no thanks, WebMD, your ridiculousness has just made my go-to the next time I ask Dr. Google for medical advice.

Ankle Update:

The swelling is way down today, and the bruising is slowly starting to subside. We’re getting closer. My new tentative “get a few miles in” goal is Sunday, but I’m taking this day-by-day.  Seriously though, this bruising is magical:

Look, a rainbow!

Look, a rainbow!


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