Thoughts from the Sidelines

22 Aug

Beside the obvious “shit, I can’t run” ramifications of my most recent fall, I think one of the hardest things about falling a second time was people’s reactions. Let me explain. I’ve written about the many reasons I run before, but I’m not certain that I really touched on this particular reason. I run not only for my own health, but also to inspire those around me to try and be healthier, too. I don’t expect others to jump into fitness whole hog, and I of course don’t believe that I know what’s best for others, or that I have the power to change people. But I do like to think that by being a positive role model, people around me might feel empowered to take care of their health too.

So when I debuted my new running-fall-induced hobble, I suppose I shouldn’t have been too surprised that these same folks that I’m trying to inspire’s first response was, “see, I’ve always said that exercise is dangerous!” or “they say exercise is good for you, but see what really happens?”

You can’t change people, and you can’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, so I know I shouldn’t feel like I’ve “failed” these folks. But I was disheartened that instead of helping them to see the positive benefits of running, I went ahead and proved what they’ve been saying all along.

Do any of you feel like it’s your “job” as a fitness enthusiast to inspire those around you?

Ankle Update:

The swelling is down, but not gone, it’s still pretty puffy. And there is a rainbow of bruising all along the outside of my foot. I’m not limping, and I almost have full range of motion, but I feel like as long as it is this swollen, the sucker’s not healed enough to run. I rode my bike on Tuesday, and then took yesterday off, I’m going to ride my bike again today. My original goal was to go for a short run tomorrow, but I think I’m going to shelf that goal, and perhaps aim for Sunday. I’ll keep you posted!


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