I Get Knocked Down … Again

19 Aug

I fell. Again.

Last Thursday I was out for a 5-miler, and at the 2.5ish-mile mark I tripped I took another tumble. This time I did not get up again, at least not in the “brush yourself off and keep running” manner. I mean, I got up, and rather quickly because I was mortified and on a busy street, but there was no running. I rolled my ankle as I fell, so what came next was more of a hobble, or a limp. Definitely not a run.

I broke one of my cardinal rules when I went out for that run. I had my drivers license, debit card, and insurance card, but I forgot my Septa pass. Which put me at 1-mile from my office, with a rolled ankle. I called Alex to come up with a plan. As luck would have it I fell outside of our favorite watering hole, so I went into the pub and told my friendly bartenders what happened. They got me some ice and a drink and I waited for Alex to come and pick me up.

The ankle swelled up quickly, and badly. I could walk, but the swelling made me really nervous. I made a doctor’s appointment for Friday afternoon, with an upcoming vacation, school and a new internship starting in a week and a half, and, you know, training for a half-marathon (in less than a month!!!) I wasn’t messing around.

Can you tell which one I hurt?

Can you tell which one I hurt?

Thankfully it’s just a sprain. I was wicked concerned I had broken something. The doctor said to follow the R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevate) method, with a course of Advil three times a day for five days. She also prescribed some stretches for me to do. So I’ve been writing the alphabet with my foot with a pointed toe for the last few days.

I MacGyver-ed my ice pack at work.

I MacGyver-ed my ice pack at work.

I took it easy all weekend, and kept the walking to a minimum. For the most part I’m no longer limping. It’s still a little swollen, and the entire side of my foot is bruised, but it’s better on the whole. So hopefully by the end of the week I can start running (a little, slowly, in a low-mileage sort of way).

I am really frustrated about being sidelined, even if only for a week. I already took a week off during this training season, and I didn’t feel too good about that, so two weeks is really not sitting well with me… It is what it is though, and this race isn’t my last race, so I need to keep reminding myself that my running career is a marathon, not a sprint.


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