Half Marathon Training Update

12 Aug

All in all I can’t really say that my training has been going that well. I was going strong for a while, and then things just sort of fell apart. First it was a string of awful long runs. I blame the heat for those. Then I fell, which led to soreness, which warranted some down time. Waking up sick on a long run day followed, so 9-miles got scrapped. I figured I would just move those 9-miles to the following week, but then I had class at 9 a.m. on my usual long run day and that didn’t work out. The shotty race training culminated in a very ill advised week off from training.

I tried not to beat myself up over the week off, in the past two weeks I have worked 9 regular days plus 15 hours of overtime, spent 10 hours in my Tuesday/Thursday class, had two 8-hour days of my weekend class, turned in three papers, given three presentations, and then spent 3 days in State College celebrating my husband’s MBA graduation. I’m not superman. By the end of those two weeks I was spent, and had nothing left to give. Not even to running.

Then there was the awful diet. When things are busy in my office we cater lunch every day. It’s not healthy lunch; it’s terribly bad for you, stress eating, tasty lunch that I am usually unable to turn down. And you can’t go to State College without drinking a fair bit, polishing off some pub food, and hitting the Creamery for Penn State ice cream at least once (or in this case, twice). Suffice it to say, between the lack of exercise and the abundance of crap food, I have one pissed off bod.

It’s time to revamp, recalibrate, recommit. My summer classes have wrapped up, and I don’t go back to school for two and a half weeks. I now have the time to gain some clarity and ramp things back up. So I’m going to make a commitment, right here, right now, on the internet, in front of all of you. I have one month and three days until race day. For the next four weeks (and a bit) I will:

• Not eat the work lunch.

• Run 4 times per week.

• Cross train once per week.

• Core train 2 times per week.

• Blog about my progress 3 times per week.

So bring it on, because I’m in it to win it.


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