The Booby Trap

25 Jul

The sports bra is an interesting contraption. I can’t say I hate it, because of course it serves a great purpose, but I certainly can’t say that I love it. It’s fraught with issues. Two issues really: 1. Getting it on. 2. Getting it off.

It needs to be tight enough to do its job, I get that, but that means that a certain amount of wriggling needs to take place just to get the sucker into the right location. Add in a summer day where you’re already a touch damp and sticky and you feel like you’re trying to stuff yourself into some sausage casing. Sometimes just getting into my sports bra seems workout enough.

Then you go out for your run, and if you’re anything like me, you return looking like someone sprayed you down with a garden hose. So not only is the sports bra snugly in place, it’s also slightly adhered to you. Then add in the fact that you’re tired, you’ve just used your energy completing your run. You have to harness every last bit of strength you have to wrestle yourself out of the booby-trap. Some days I admit defeat, mostly out of fear that I will throw my back out, and Alex has to rescue me.

There are absolutely the getting yourself in and out issues involved with the sports bra, there are also the options. Every brand has one; you can buy Nike, Reebok, lululemon, Old Navy or Gap, C9 for Target. Then within each brand there are mega-support versions, ones that provide so little support that I wonder what the point is, fashion styles (I suppose for the folks who are willing to take off their shirts), and even padded options. That last one blows my mind. Padded sports bras, because, we aren’t just running, we’re getting noticed… or something.

Oddly enough, my favorite sports bra is a padded one, but the padding is removable and comes out the minute the bra enters my house. My favorite is the Women’s Active by Old Navy Padded Sports Bras I think I have four of them at this point. I like them because they are comfortable, don’t quite require a crane to get you out of it, they come in a ton of whacky color combinations and most importantly, you can usually get them on sale for 2 for $20.

I LOVE this pattern!

I LOVE this pattern!

Note: That is not me, so far the only reason I’ve found for me to be outside in just a sports bra is when my shirt is required to clean up my knee.

Which is your favorite booby holding contraption?


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