I Get Knocked Down, but I Get Up Again

24 Jul

Ok, I guess I wasn’t “knocked down” exactly. I tripped. But the down part is spot on, I was down. On the ground. The ground and I became acquainted, and judging by my newly skinned knee and the bruises, I don’t think the ground was too happy to meet me.

Alex and I went out for a 4-miler last night. The run was going really well, we were doing 2-minute walk/8-minute run intervals and felt strong. We went our usual route through South Philly, and had just passed Pat’s and Geno’s. We were almost to the 2-mile-turnaround point when suddenly I was falling. The sidewalk was just the tiniest bit un-level and my shoe grabbed. I tried to steady myself but it was too late, so I focused on staying loose. They say that you are more likely to break something in a fall if you tense up. So my thoughts alternated between: “stay loose, don’t tense up” and “this wouldn’t have happened if my feet weren’t so freaking big.”

There I was, face down on the ground, Alex standing there looking down at me, asking “are you alright!?” with panic in his voice. I thought about it for a second, took mental inventory of my appendages and decided I was all right and I should probably get off the ground. After standing up to further assess things I saw that I had skinned my knee, and felt a stiff ache in my right arm. Not too terrible I thought, but still, I was bleeding, so we were going to have to do something about that. Alex asked if I wanted to go back to the drug store for supplies, and I decided that wasn’t necessary, but did wish I had some tissues or napkins. Then I remembered that I use my shirt when I’m out running for sweat wiping and nose blowing (I know, running is gross), so what’s a little blood! Alex offered his shirt, which in retrospect would have made more sense, he was wearing a red shirt and I was rocking a light green one. But whatever, we made do; I stood on the sidewalk in my sports bra, cleaning blood off my knee.

Once the bleeding was under control, and I moved my arm around a bit to make sure it wasn’t screaming with pain, I had a decision to make. I could walk the most direct route home, I could take the cab that Alex offered to hail for us, or I could keep running. I put my shirt back on, and told Alex that we were finishing this run. As we got back to the house I realized how far I’ve come in life, to not only be out there running, but to fall, skin my knee and bruise my elbow, and just keep going.

And since you already have the song stuck in your head, I invite you to get your groove on, Happy Wednesday!


One Response to “I Get Knocked Down, but I Get Up Again”

  1. Donna Russell July 24, 2013 at 12:04 pm #

    Jess, I’m so proud of you! You have grown up so much…..You are so disciplined, I love it!!! I think back to the little girls I took camping all those years ago, and I feel OLD!!
    Love you.

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