How Do You Know?

20 Jul

You’ve seen them. The men running shirtless and the ladies rocking nothing but running shorts and a sports bra who look as though they’ve been exercising since roughly about the time that they exited the womb. And I know you’ve also seen the other camp, the folks running without their shirts on who make you think, in your kindest, well meaning-est, non-judgemental-est way possible: please, dear lord, put your shirt back on.

Whenever I see the people who are bold enough to run outside sans shirt I always wonder, “how did they know that they could/should run without their shirt on?”

I’ve never gone shirtless, though the extreme temperatures outside are awfully persuasive to head in that direction. I keep wondering if I’m there yet, have I lost enough weight, is my stomach flat enough, you know, the general insecurities. I wear bikinis to the beach, sure, but does that mean that I should be hitting the streets of South Philly in my sports bra?

I think there are a lot of factors at play. Some of these folks are probably proud of how they look and want to show it off, or they’re comfortable in their skin, or they’re self-confident and don’t care what others think about them at all. Or like me, they’re just sweltering.

So I’m posing the question, do you run sans shirt? If so, what got you to make the topless decision?


3 Responses to “How Do You Know?”

  1. Leah / Super Starling! July 22, 2013 at 3:28 pm #

    Always shirt. I have a pretty good upper body, I think, but I just can’t get past that “my boobs are kinda visible and cars are driving by!” thing.


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