Running for Office

19 Jul

booker 4

Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, NJ, is running for US Senate. He announced his candidacy for the special election that was called after the incumbent, Frank Lautenberg, passed away in June 2013. Since then he’s been hitting the campaign trail. While he has of course participated in the usual campaigning events, press conferences, fundraisers, speaking engagements and the like, he’s also trying out a new model: Run With Cory.

This is a pun-ny girl’s dream come true. “Running for office.” “Hitting the campaign trail.” “Senate Race.” I mean, could it get any better? Probably not. But that’s not the point (even though I do love it), the point is that in addition to thinking that Mayor Booker is a great candidate for Senate, I also LOVE this campaign move. I’ve never heard of another candidate encouraging people to get out and show their support AND get active.

It makes perfect sense. He has supported Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” initiative since its inception in 2010. He launched Let’s Move! Newark to combat childhood obesity in his city, and expanded it in 2011 to include a 4-month get-moving challenge for kids in the Newark public school system.

The Run With Cory event in Camden started at 8:15 on Wednesday night, at the corner of Park Avenue and Euclid Street. It was kicked off with greetings from Camden’s Mayor, Dana Redd, and pop music set the mood before Mayor Booker arrived. The crowd moved in close when Mayor Booker arrived, and broke out into dance. It was apparent that he was excited to be there, and to personally engage with the crowd (seriously, he was grooving with the old ladies and little kids alike).

booker 1

Before starting out on our jog he addressed the crowd. His message was one of change, and hope. He highlighted the progress that he’s made in Newark, and promised to bring this change to Camden. He pledged that Camden would one day be a city that other cities look up to, but that in order to do that , “we need to keep moving.” He highlighted the challenges that Camden faces, especially those related to food and nutrition and education. He admitted that there were hills to climb, but said that there are great days ahead. He wrapped up his speech with the message “the people who sweat together, stick together.”

The crowd, including myself, my husband, and our good friends-in-fitness, Elise, Sophia and Laura (thanks for telling us about this event!), moved to the street to get our groove on. Mayor Booker and Mayor Redd led us in the Cupid Shuffle, and once everyone had gotten their fill we hit the road. The run was only a mile, which felt like the right distance to be inclusive of everyone, no matter their fitness level. At the start line, finish line, and mid-point there were bottles of water for participants to help combat the heat. The mid-point water station was absolutely adorable, they had kids with coolers cheering us on and handing out bottles of water.

booker 2

At the “finish line” Cory addressed the crowd again. He thanked everyone for coming, and reiterated his excitement for the opportunity to represent New Jersey as a whole. He wrapped it up with a promise to be seen pounding the pavement in Camden once he is elected.


I’m not a New Jersey resident, so I cannot vote for Cory in this election. But if I could, I would. For more information on his campaign, his platform, the election, and the success he’s had in Newark please visit:

Note: Yesterday I posted a Throwback Thursday photo of me four months ago. See any difference between now and then?


2 Responses to “Running for Office”

  1. TravelingMad August 1, 2013 at 1:12 pm #

    Aww this is a nice post. I used to be a runner. Lately just a slacker. I read about this run in the news. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. My mayor really is something.

    • Jessica Main August 1, 2013 at 5:28 pm #

      So glad you liked my piece! He’s been running all over the state, so keep your eyes pealed for another one, could be a good opportunity to get back out there 😉

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