You Know You Live in an Active Household When…

17 Jul

This morning I was perched in my favorite blog writing spot, AKA: the middle of my couch, and I started to take note of the clues that Alex and I are active people lying around our living room. From the minute you walk through our front door it’s apparent that we’re not casually active, we mean sporty business.

In our living room we have:

• Alex’s soccer bag, it’s permanent home is in the living room by the front door

• A pile of cleats and shin guards

• More sneakers than regular shoes

• Two bikes

• Two bike helmets

• Extra sneakers, you know, just in case, in the front room closet

In our kitchen we have:

• More reusable water bottles than…actually there isn’t a good analogy for that…I don’t know, more than a store that sells reusable water bottles?

• Peanut butter, almond butter, soy milk, and other chock-full-of-protein treats

• Sports drinks in the fridge for long runs and 90 minute soccer games

• Whole wheat pasta, wraps and bread for carb fueling

• Fresh fruits and vegetables and a pill-box that would rival your grandma’s chock full of vitamins

In our hamper we have:

• More sports attire than street clothes

• More athletic socks than regular socks

Some days (if you broke in or something, not if we invited you over, I mean, we do clean for guests) you’d find running shirts and sports bras strewn across the banister because they’re too damp from the heat and humidity to go directly into the hamper.

Somehow, some way, we seem to have progressed from occasional worker-outters into pretty-darn-close-to full on athletes.

What clues have you noticed in your life let you know that your house has taken a backseat to your hobby?



One Response to “You Know You Live in an Active Household When…”

  1. Chuck July 17, 2013 at 10:29 am #

    Our place looks pretty much the same, sans the female attire. Soccer season is about to start here, so the boots/trainers will be just inside the door. Already the running shorts, shirts, socks, towels hang up to dry before tossing in the hamper or, sometimes, they make it directly into the laundry. There is always fresh fruit on the counter and chocolate milk in the fridge. Life at our place is definitely dominated by males involved in athletics. Thankfully, we keep things clean/straight enough to avoid that athletic “smell” that sometimes goes with it. LOL

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