Monday to Sunday

30 Jun

While the standard American week runs from Sunday to Saturday, my week runs from Monday to Sunday. Call me European, but I just think it makes more sense. I started following the Monday to Sunday schedule when I was doing Weight Watchers (for the 14th time). By weighing-in on Monday morning I forced myself to be accountable over the weekend.

Way back in the day I would go to meetings on Saturday morning, weigh-in, and promptly head to the bagel shop to start my “eat whatever I want day.” There was a bit of logic there, if I was “good” all week, some splurge on Saturday wouldn’t be terribly detrimental, and it was a reward to keep me going strong all week. Except, it didn’t. “Eat what I want Saturday” turned in to “Eat what I want Saturday and Sunday (and sometimes Monday),” and my results started to wane.

Besides wanting a reward for my hard work, the weekends are just hard when it comes to eating. I don’t have a schedule to follow, or a routine like I do during the week. Friends want to go out for drinks, which turn into drinks, apps, and dinner. You want to go on a date with your partner. And really, who wants to cook on a Saturday, Saturdays are for going out dammit!

Now that I’m not doing Weight Watchers, or following any prescribed diet, I have to stay more accountable to myself. My general mindset has been: Eat a clean, plant-based, low/no-fat diet 90% of the time. Which means, that 10% of the time I get to eat whatever I want. While I would love to be vegan 100% of the time, I am also that guy that will eat the entire plate of Oreos that I was forbidden to eat the moment the researcher turns his back, so if I want a cheesesteak I have one. That being said, this isn’t a perfect system. Because if anyone knows what “10% of your diet” is, I’d like him or her to tell me, because I’m pretty sure I do not. This week I went out for dinner with a friend on Wednesday and ate a club sandwich that was bigger than my face (seriously, it really was), and I wasn’t concerned, because that was my 10% for the week… until Friday came around. When I went to happy hour, and then out to dinner because we were out. And then Saturday came around, where we went to a Philadelphia Union game with our friends Troegs and Leinenkugel (and Sierra Nevada and Corona), AND THEN met up with a friend for dinner at a pub. #facepalm.

So this upcoming Monday-Sunday will be an attempt at recalibration. I’m not going to beat myself up too much, no reason to add guilt into the mix. I do run 4 times a week, and ride my bike as often as I can, and any thing that is consumed at home (or brought from home to work) grows straight from the dirt (as Justin Timberlake says in Veganville), but that’s still no excuse to let things go. As I said in Crunchy Granola, I’m doing this to stay healthy, and lose weight.


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