Bike Lanes

3 May


If you live in a city, you are probably aware of what I would like to call the Transportation Wars. If you’re a driver, you hate the pedestrians, and you really hate the cyclists. The cyclists hate drivers and pedestrians. Pedestrians hate cars and cyclists. Everyone has an opinion, and not just an opinion, a strong opinion.

As someone who walks a fair bit, drives some, and has begun to ride more frequently, I find myself on all three sides of the triangle. When I’m out for a run, there is nothing I hate more than that person who sorta stops at the stop sign, and then nearly hits me. When I’m in the Prius, god help me, or them really, if someone jaywalks in front of me. And don’t get me started on cyclists who ride on the sidewalk. But, as someone who partakes in all three forms of transportation, I do try to be mindful when I’m cursing pedestrians from the Prius, that when I’m the pedestrian I’m usually cursing the drivers. That being said, there is one thing that I really hate, one thing that really makes my blood boil, and that is: misuse of bike lanes.

I know some people, many people in fact, are not fans of cyclists. I also know that a lot of cyclists bring that upon themselves. Some do things like blow red lights, ride on sidewalks, and swerve in and out of traffic. And don’t use hand signals. So when Lucy and I are out and about, we try to be an upstanding representation of the cycling community. I wear a helmet, I use hand signals, and whenever possible I plan a route with bike lanes.

This is what bike lanes are for:

• People on bikes, in motion.

This is what bike lanes are not for:

• Cars going around a stopped vehicle

• Car parking

• People to stand in while waiting for buses

• Taxis to wait in

• People to walk through while jaywalking

• Bikes that are not moving

• Dogs, or animals of any kind

• Pretty much anything that is not a person, on a bike, in motion

In closing, bike lanes are meant to keep cyclists out of the flow of traffic and while keeping cyclists off sidewalks. It’s a win-win really. Traffic doesn’t have to slow down, and folks on the sidewalk are safe. It also lessens the likelihood that a cyclist will get hit by a car. So really, it’s a win-win-win. But this win-win-win only works, when things other than moving cyclists stay out of the bike lanes.

Please and Thank You.



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