Running the Bridge

24 Apr

Alex and I ran the Ben Franklin Bridge for the first time! We rode our bikes the 3 miles from our house in South Philly to the entrance of the pedestrian path at 5th and Race Streets. After locking up our bikes we ran from Philly to Camden and back. Each pass over the bridge is roughly 1.5 miles, so it works well for 5k training. We finished the 3 miles in roughly 32 minutes, not too shabby!


It was awesome.

Why was it awesome? Let me tell you:
1. You get to run on a major bridge.
2. You get to cross state lines on a work out.
3. Cars and Patco trains pass by below you.
4. You get to stare a Philadelphia’s gorgeous skyline for 1.5 miles
5. The sun was setting over Philadelphia as we ran back to the city.
6. The view makes Camden look good.
7. There are lots of runners and a police patrol, so it felt safe.
8. It’s one of the few places in Philly that you can run a hill.
9. It’s really windy so you stay a lot cooler.
10. I ran faster than Alex! Not by much, and he swears it was because he “usually runs behind me,” but really, since he usually leaves me in the dust, I’m taking this one.

Enjoy some the views!



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