Running Errands … Literally

22 Apr

Since it is Earth Day, and we’re big into protecting Mother Earth at the Main House, today seemed like a great idea to discuss the great impact running can have on things other than your waist line.    

Alex and I are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We recycle everything that Philadelphia will accept, and keep our eyes peeled for programs that recycle electronics, batteries, ink cartridges… the works. We save our plastic bags (which we try not to get in the first place) and take them back to Whole Foods to be recycled. If there is a bin for it, we’ve probably used it. 

When we grocery shop all of our purchases plant-based. I’ll definitely outline our very-near-vegan diet in another post, but I wanted to mention it because it is one of the ways that we make the greatest positive impact on our planet. We also buy organic whenever we can to keep pesticides out of our bodies, out of our soils, and out of our water supplies. 

When it comes to getting around town, we are always looking for ways to not have to drive our Prius. Lucy (my bike) and Sargent Pepper (Alex’s bike) get us to work on non-cold, non-rainy days. On cold or rainy days you’ll find us on the bus. If the bus is unreasonably late, we just hoof it. When all else fails we give in and ride in the Prius, and, well, let’s be honest, if you have to drive, rocking out in a Prius is about as earth friendly as you can get. 

But our newest addition to the “getting around town” repertoire is … drum roll please… running! Need a block of tofu for tonight’s dinner? Time for an out and back to ShopRite! Have to return that stuff doesn’t quite fit right to Target? Tuck the receipts in your iPhone armband and jog on over! Your front door needs a new lock? Lowe’s is only a mile and a half away!

While it’s impractical for all errands, I mean, we’re not getting our organic, vegan groceries home on a run, running is opening up a whole new opportunity for maximum efficiency. With both of us in grad school part-time and working full-time, we grab hold of any opportunity to kill two (or three, or four) birds with one stone. Running errands and getting a workout in not only saves time, but is also healthier for us, and healthier for the environment.

So the next time you need to popover to the store for that one small thing, consider running your errands. Literally!


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