Recovery and Rehabilitation

3 May

The title of this post makes it sound so intense, but I am happy to report that my recovery thus far has been phenomenal! So a quick rehash of the past six days.

Friday – Surgery Day!
Saturday – Whoa mama, my knee hurts! Percocet is my friend.
Sunday – Percocet and I are still buddies, but we’re not hanging out quite as often. By Sunday night, Percocet and I said our goodbyes, and the crutches are thrown by the way side. Even better news, I ditched the GIANT bandage that went from my mid-thigh to my foot.
Monday – I am walking with a minor limp, and Aspirin is my only pain reliever. Stairs up are no problem, and stairs down are only slightly troublesome.
Tuesday – First day of Physical Therapy! I rode a bike for 5 minutes, did like 8,000 leg lifts, and got hooked up to an electric current machine to stimulate my quadriceps (that was weird!).
Wednesday – First day back to work. Figured out how to attach an ice bag to my pant leg with a chip clip. Took the bus to and from work to avoid the subway stairs.
Thursday – Took the subway and the trolley this morning and owned the stairs, both up and down! Back to PT this afternoon, and I see my surgeon for my first follow up appointment.

So far I’ve been absolutely amazed by the progression. My recovery has been super-fast and with the exception of Saturday morning into Sunday morning almost pain free. My knee is still stiff and swollen, and I can tell that the strength in my right leg (especially those quads!) has significantly decreased. I am not blind to the fact that I have a bit of a road to recovery ahead of me, but thankfully it seems more like a dirt path than a highway!

Hopefully at my follow-up visit this afternoon the doctor willl still be on board with me returning to running in three weeks! I will update you all this evening with his stance on the matter.

Keep on pounding the pavement!


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