Broad Street Blues

1 May

This weekend is the Broad Street Run here in Philadelphia.  The Broad Street Run is the most popular 10-miler in the country, and it happens on the first Sunday in May every year right here in my hometown. I’m registered for the race but for obvious reasons I will have to sit it out.  This was to be my Broad Street Debut.  My excitement for Broad Street is evidenced by the fact that early registration to the race was one of Valentine’s Day gifts I gave my husband this year.  I attached our registration confirmations to a heart that said, “The couple that sweats together, stays together.” So as you can imagine making the decision to skip Broad Street was quite difficult, however at the same time it was quite simple. 

Let me explain.  While my knee surgery was completely necessary, it wasn’t necessarily urgent.  The timing was completely up to me.  Between the doctor’s surgery schedule, my schedule and my husband’s schedule we were left with two options.  Option One: Run Broad Street and due to scheduling conflicts push surgery to the end of May. Or Option Two: Skip Broad Street and have the surgery at the end of April.  The doctor told me that I could start running again at four weeks post surgery.  With Option One that put would put me at late June, with Option Two I’m at late May. While those four weeks may not seem like much of a difference on the front end, they make all the difference in the world on the back end. 

My fall running goals have been set as another half marathon in September and my first full marathon in October since the end of last year.  If I went with Option One those plans would need to be scrapped, or seriously rethought.  By choosing Option Two I’m missing out on Broad Street, but I’m salvaging the bigger picture.  In the end I am sure that I made the right decision.  That won’t stop me from feeling the tiniest bit sad when I see my husband off at the starting line on Sunday morning and don’t have a bib pinned to my own shirt. 


One Response to “Broad Street Blues”

  1. TwinsRUNinOurFamily May 2, 2012 at 11:19 am #

    You made a wise decisions! 🙂

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